About Us

Made in Mumbles is a small florist run by Meagan Tudge, a stay at home mum of two little poppets, who are fast growing up.

Meagan has worked for her mum, who is a top floral artist in South Africa. They have done everything from delivering wedding flowers in the snow, dealing with wedding flowers disappearing, church decorations for festivals like Christmas, Advent and Easter, competitions, workshops and even live stage productions of arranging flowers.

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Her fellow flower fairy is Ruth Milton-Jones. A talented florist as well as a NAFAS Area Demonstrator, Ruth can be seen throughout the year sharing her love of floral design, as well as providing hints and tips for budding arrangers.

Ruth Milton-Jones Ruth Milton-Jones






Together they are happiest creating anything from a tied bunch, to a grave tribute through to entire weddings, photo shoots and events.