The Flower Fairy Delivery Service

The Flower Fairy will text/email you when she is going to market and you can place and order there and then if you want some flowers.

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Fresh seasonal bunches of say tulips start from £5, and tied bunches start from £10. Flowers will be fresh, different to high street and a lovely treat for you or a friend. They will be available to pick up from local venues or can be delivered at a small cost.

For example The Flower Fairy often comes to Oystermouth School yard on a Friday.

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Sign up now so The Flower Fairy can get you a flower treat the next time she goes to market.
Would you like to be a Flower Fairy? We are looking for people to join the team to be The Flower Fairy in their community. We will pay you for your time in money or flowers. Please contact Meagan for more details.

Or why not subscribe to have flowers delivered to your door once a month / week? (It’s much prettier than the wine club!)  The flower fairy will create a seasonal arrangement and deliver it to your door. Price from £25 per month. Including, flowers, vases, arrangements and delivery. Receive 10% discount if you pay by direct debit.  Please contact us to sign up.