Valentines Day Flowers

This Valentines I have explored Victorian meanings to flowers and created arrangements with extra meanings as well as the traditional red rose. Each arrangement comes, beautifully wrapped  with a note explaining the meaning of the arrangement and leaving space for a personal message.  Choose one and send a special message to the one you love.

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A Tin Of Daffodils
The sun shines when I’m with you

A Can Of Lavender And Mint
LAVENDER = Love, MINT=Devotion

Bunch of Small Sunflowers

Tied Bouquet of Roses, Gerbra in Pink

ROSE (PALE PINK) = Grace, Joy / GERBERA = Innocence


Single Rose and Heart 

I Love You


Valentines Tulip and Pussy Willow Heart
TULIP (GENERAL)= Perfect Lover, Fame
PUSSY WILLOW = Motherhood


Heart of Roses

My heart is yours


Half A Dozen
Tall Grand Prix Red Roses

A Dozen
Tall Grand Prix Red Roses